Benefits consolidating fire departments

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Benefits consolidating fire departments

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After implementing a number of individual efficiency measures, community officials realized that the most promising opportunities involved coordinating and consolidating services with neighboring jurisdictions.

Because fire prevention and response services already require a high level of interdependence, they were quickly identified as prime candidates for consolidation.

These agreements when drafted, reviewed by attorneys and agreed upon by the governing bodies, will outline the terms of a contract between two or more departments and enable them to legally commingle their physical resources (manpower and equipment) in order to effect savings of economy and efficiency (A Systematic Approach to Fire 42).

From the beginning, invite the press, radio, TV, whichever is available to you, to attend board meetings or workshops that address the subject of consolidation or merger (A Systematic Approach to Fire 34).

Ever increasing demands by schools, federal and state requirements, funding for water, streets, police, parks, libraries, sewers, and a multitude of other necessities have made the task of the governing bodies more difficult.

Fire dispatchers start at .32 per hour, and police dispatchers, who perform the same job, are paid .24 per hour.Oceano is a neighboring 1.7 square mile community services district with a population of 8,178.Each of the jurisdictions operates one fire station.It’s unclear what the total savings of consolidation will be, but the elimination of six positions is expected to save nearly 0,000, according to a memo from the Tucson Police and Tucson Fire’s Communications Administration.City and department officials started talking about consolidation early last year, studying other models and holding meetings to discuss potential changes and concerns in what they say is one of the largest projects the departments have undertaken together.

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The public safety agencies are testing out a pilot program to have a single operator/dispatcher handle a call for both the fire and police departments.