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The reason for that might be, she will be the one carrying, any future offspring, of his.. I've seen bits and pieces and I have to admit that I'm very disappointed with the movie. i just finished watching your drama Queen In-Hyun's Man. The couple Kim Boong Do and Choi Hae Jin left deep impressions with me. Anyways...aside from being a great actor he is also a very accomplished guitar player- all around from electric to acoustic...really amazing and you've got to watch. Pray that God will bless him with a wonderful partner when that time comes. Just finished watching Awl: great story and I love JHW and ANS's acting. really hope this 2 years will fly fast, so we can c u again.. wish u & in na unnie have a long last relationship-happily ever after, like ur drama....... The drama itself is so touching and he acts very well, hope to see him in such roles more and more.A real wedding has been confirmed following a reel wedding that brought the couple together.Actress Kim So Yeon and her actor boyfriend and drama costar Lee Sang Woo have announced their upcoming wedding this June.Actor Ji Hyun Woo has a very nice smile and his physique and height make him very attractive. I've also watched Chinese version Love Through a MIllenium and I say both are beautiful dramas, though not perfect. i've never seen such adorable couple as ji hyun woo nd yoo In na in queen in hyun's man,that i keep wishing nd praying they both come bk togeda..... hoping for the best things to happen :) Queen In-hyun's man is one of the many South Korean spectacles I can't resist. then I'm watching Queen In-Hyun's Man *well, thanks to my friend who let me know about that drama* and what can I said is DAEBAK!!! In United States, fighting is a verb and an adjective which means " going to war". I guess in your language fighting would mean "be strong", right??? Hopes, more movies and dramas with him as a main actor to come.He and actress Yoo In Na looked cute together, though she is indeed short for a tall man. i kept reading his profile everyday...looking at his pictures..watching his movie nd say ''though i dearly admire nd wish i culd meet with him if just once,it'll only apn in my imaginations,if it comes real,i'll live with it all my life'' i wish you're a christian........ Sad to hear that your relationship with yoo in na has already broken up. you're really cute and lovely with Yoo In Na, seems like you really wanna take care and be responsible to her in real life! I remember we used to laugh when our elders started using the expression too. I like this actor since Becoming a Billionaire, that the 1st drama I knew him. I had not seen any dramas with Ji Hyun Wu in it but after starting to watch 1000 Kisses; I am a new fan!!

Keep up the good work Oppa, wish to see you in upcoming dramas and movies.. I wish the drama becomes a huge success and adds one more feather to your victorious career graph :-) My Love for you remains forever...... That forgiveness, maturity, moral, ability to tollerate, smile, that charming looks and of-cours i love your height and body build. i love to watch all your dramas more so MY PRINCESS and your actions fits you that your so good at it. Love from GUAM, Annie V The woman he is interested in marring is the only person, who needs to know about any plastic surgery. As much as I love song seung heon, I think I don't want to watch his movie OBSESSED. And I hope , that its what you are in real life..... His first leading role was as in 2006 television series "Princess Hours".Ju debuted as a model, in advertisements for clothing brands such as Calvin Klein, Levi's and Reebok. They are soooo good in Queen In Hyun's Man - i really got carried away. Today is November 8,2016 and I have just finished watching Queen In-Hyun's Man. I'm a grandmother however I've been hooked on KDramas for half a yr now. I was happy that he and his co-star had such great chemistry but somewhat hurt they only lasted 2 yrs.Never mind, the emotions generated are universal and the lead stars made the drama as real as possible. his looks were so spot on perfect and different from any actor out there that I couldn't stop watching him. I think some woman made him feel so insecure that he felt the need to change his face and not just fix his teeth. I hope he'll get more challenging roles like Queen In-Hyun's Man and Awl in the future. or perhaps it was Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo Ina Na true feelings... This man such ADORABLE actor *^_^* SARANGGGHHEEEEEEEE ^3^ oppa ji hyun woo,,,ku suka semua yang ada di dirimu.yang paling kusuka adalah suara mu,,oppa, ku sampay tidak bisa berhenti untuk mendengarkan lagu-lagu mu,,,aku juga suka senyum mu, penampilan mu, semua film yang kau bintangi dan gaya berakting mu,,,,,oppa ku akan menunggu film baru mu,,??? Idol movie, and he's kinda attracting me with his tall and cool act. I am npt Korean ( thank God there are subtitles) but I would like to lnow while all these people say " fighting" all the time.

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Ju's debut drama was "Old Love", but it was in 2006's "Princess Hours", that he was recognized as an actor, for which he won Best New Actor at the MBC Drama Awards.