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Dating costume photographs

By 1848 the United States had acquired official title to the contigous land stretching westward to the Pacific, south to the Rio Grande, and north to the 49th parallel. Joining the tracks for the first transcontinental railroad, Promontory, Utah, Terr., 1869.

Americans had long since explored and settled in many of these areas, but legitimate possession created an impetus for development that began to crystallize as other timely occurrences brought a greater influx of people to the West.

In the middle of the back is the name Warren written in pencil.

At first I thought it might have been her married name, but I really don’t know.

It could be the name of someone the card was given to, or the name of a town where she lived.

The first photographic images were collected by the Oklahoma Historical Society in 1893; today there are an estimated nine million images in the Research Center collections.

Formats include glass plates, tintypes, slides, panoramas, black and white and color prints, and negatives.

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Under construction for a decade, the Ellis Island immigration station opened in New York harbor in 1900, just in time for the huge upswing in immigration to the United States that took place in the years leading up to World War I.

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