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Decommissioning is one of the biggest environmental assignments ever taken on in Denmark. In 2012, Risø was discontinued as an independent institution, and DTU Nutech has since picked up the torch as Denmark’s national skills centre for nuclear technologies.The focus here is on biomedical uses, measuring radiation doses, and the detection and analysis of radioactive isotopes in the environment, foods and materials.Denmark saw a marked increase in asylum numbers in September 2015, when some 400 migrants and refugees arrived within a 24-hour period.That was then followed by an all-time refugee record in October.According to numbers released by the Immigration Ministry on Monday, just 43 people claimed asylum last week, marking the seventh consecutive week in which the number of asylum applications has been below 100.“Experience shows that the developments within the asylum arena can quickly change and therefore we will keep a few spaces ready that can quickly be used again if the development turns around,” Franck said.

Some philosophers have idealised life in the Mesolithic Age (or Middle Stone Age) as a heaven on Earth.Today, they continue to develop and utilize the huge volume of knowledge about radioactive substances and ionizing radiation to the benefit of society as a whole.The tent camps are being closed because Denmark's initiatives to reduce asylum numbers have proven effective.Even before the official opening of the Atomic Energy Commission’s Research Establishment Risø in 1958, Danish scientists were already taking local samples of the air, water, plants and fish to map the background radiation at the site where the facility was to be built.Since then, researchers from DTU Nutech have carried on building on the work of these pioneers.

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Integrating the magnetics into the jack allows for a much improved EMI noise shielding, enabling more reliable connections and limiting contact corrosion in industrial Ethernet applications.

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