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All over Europe, the media as well as individuals have started discussing reasons for this development. Is it because of the low level of transparency regarding EU policies and laws?Or is it maybe because the whole concept of an European Union is simply too complex to grasp?International Student Topics Here are some ideas to get you started.These are just some of the many stories you can share with us.Enter three Belgian guys called Senne, Majd and Mathias who have thought of a possible solution for this problem.

Sports is entertainment, gaming is entertainment, social media is entertainment, news is entertainment, entertainment is entertainment. I consume just like millions of others, but this trend is not benign.

Readers get a first-hand glimpse into the life of an international student.

Real World America: Everything from dating, cooking, fashion traveling the U.

ISV Spotlight Award: Are you a leader for other international students?

Ever since the European Union was founded in 1993, it has experienced quite a few ups and downs.

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In their opinion, Europe has to find out more about its citizens in order to establish trust, friendship and a feeling of community. The concept behind Hello Europe is to install large screens in central places in various European cities. Are people in Amsterdam really going everywhere by bike?

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