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, Elaine revealed that Bosco did not appear to be in dampened spirits, as reported earlier by tabloids. I do not sense that he is unhappy,” Elaine commented on Bosco’s demeanor on the set of A Good Heart Goes Haywire.Although Elaine is Myolie’s good friend, Bosco has not asked about her about Myolie.Many have also asked her for the man’s identify as the photo only reveals the back view.In the evening, a netizen revealed that Myolie Wu and a man who resembled Johnson Lee were sighted at the airport! I can’t give away this little secret.” Asked if the man is Bosco Wong, Nancy exclaimed, “What do you think!You were my big senior, when you were sitting on the seat, I was so nervous. Chip Attack Mandy: Well that's true, you always buy chips for us to eat. Honestly, I think many newcomers don't have the natural talent and don't know how to act.When I first debuted, I was very nervous too and always kept my head down.

A feng shui master had advised Elaine that her true marriage destiny will occur when she turns thirty-six or thirty-seven years old.

A woman's lifetime job is to find a long-term food ticket!

Currently in a very stable relationship with boyfriend Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu hopes her good sister Mandy Wong can find her happiness too, and does not mind being her match-maker.

During that time, Myolie disclosed that she has plans to travel to Britain for vacation alone.

When asked why she didn’t invite Bosco to travel with her, Myolie said “If I go alone, I will be able to visit my old friends”.

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