Street pick up dating game day saudi women dating

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Street pick up dating game day

I’m going to lay out online dating as it compares to the other three types of game.As most of you know, online game is my game style of choice, but I will still try to be as objective as possible.Day game is your best bet to meet women you see in the grocery store, at the coffee shop, or even walking down the street.

So what’s the biggest reason why day game is easier than night game? If you’re in a busy bar or nightclub, you are essentially competing against every other guy in that venue. Everything from the mindset and opening to building rapport and sticking points. With every successful daygamer, he will have a rock solid mindset which has been developed over countless hours in-field approaching hundreds (even thousands) of women.All four types of game work All four types of game will get you laid assuming you do them correctly.We’re not talking about which “suck” and which are “good”. It’s the hardest venue, hands down, meaning every other day venue you can imagine is easier. Pick a street or park that has at least one cute woman walking by every five minutes or so. Yes, the first step to picking up on the street is asking yourself why you want to pick up on the street. Use your eyes to determine when you usually see lone women walking around.

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